Laurel J. Freeman, B.A., LMT

Florida License #MA7670/MM3449

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2622 NW 43rd Street, Suite C1
Gainesville, FL 32606

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About The Instructor

Laurel J. Freeman, B.A., LMT lives in Gainesville, FL and has been practicing massage since 1987. In 1991 she began creating RNR™ in a quest to find the "perfect massage" and began teaching RNR™ in 1994.

Laurel is an active member of AMTA, FSMTA and NCBTMB, as well as a Sports Massage Therapist. She served on the AMTA National Board, as well as volunteering and serving in her community. She is a co-founder of Stop Children's Cancer.

Laurel married Howard Freeman in 1967 and they are proud parents of 2 daughters. In 1994, Carolyne began working in real estate with her Dad and their younger daughter, Bonnie, died of leukemia in 1983 at the age of 12.

Laurel has lectured to many different groups throughout the country about RNR™, stress management, death and living, exercise and stretching, juggling and fun. In 1999, she published, Pathways on a Journey, a book sharing thoughts about life.

Laurel believes people have the choice to live pain free. Her work in massage therapy helps many people reclaim their life. Laurel's philosophy toward life is “Wellness is the key for being happy."

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