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About RNR™

The mission of RNR™ is to bring about a sense of balance and well being to both the client and the therapist during and after every session.

RNR™ = Reconnecting Neuromuscular Responses™


RNR™ is a neuromuscular massage technique that supports the relationship between the nerves and the muscles through the golgi tendon organs. Golgi tendon organs are nerve endings located in soft tissue fibers throughout the body. When a person experiences pain, the pain signal may cause splinting, which is contraction of one group of muscles around another to immobilize them. Splinting is a wonderful mechanism; however when this signal does not "turn off," the healing process may be hindered. RNR™ helps the body remember to "turn off" this signal, so healing may be facilitated at a faster rate.

RNR™ Is Great For

RNR™ is a very therapeutic, healing modality & is great for:
Arthritis • Asthma • Athletes • Pre & post athletic events • Children • Infants • Nerve damage• Persons recovering from: injury and/or surgery • Persons "wanting to understand healthy touch" • Persons in wheelchairs • Scoliosis • Senior citizens • Stress management • TMJD

More about RNR™

RNR™ works on the golgi tendon organs, the nerve endings in muscle fibers.

RNR™ is a unique technique and is very effective in reducing the "pain cycle" to encourage healing.

RNR™ is designed for a "full body session", or as a "pain spot reducer", or to enhance other techniques.

RNR™ may be applied in a lying, standing or sitting position and is especially effective for those in extreme pain.

RNR™ requires no oil and may be done through clothes.

RNR™ is easy on the therapist especially their hands.

RNR is a trademark of Laurel Freeman